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Small loans as a starting opportunity

Poor people do not get a loan. This is the case here in Germany, but especially in Africa, Asia or Latin America. Anyone who wants to lend money there is often at the mercy of loan sharks who lend money at exorbitant interest rates.

Small loans granted by Kolping are an alternative. The interest rates are low and repayment is necessary only with the first income. The Kolping Family Esperanza La Blanco was founded in the Dominican Republic in 2017. Many of the 37 members now make a living as small entrepreneurs. Thanks to a small loan, they could become self-employed, open a kiosk or, like Máximo, make a living from an orchard. Máximo sells 4,000 bananas every year to the surrounding shops and restaurants and can thus provide for his family. He also has money left over in the event of illness or for repair works. As there are only a few banana producers, he also has a secured income for the next years.

In Latin America, KOLPING grants small loans thus providing support for small entrepreneurs. Even a small amount helps: For example, it is possible to buy pots or open a snack bar with 30 euros. A bicycle repair shop or a sewing shop can be set up for 75 euros.

You can support this project indicating the key word ”PMO-Kleinkredite LA“:


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