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Water is life and education

More than two billion people still do not have permanent access to clean drinking water. KOLPING helps families to survive in the drought areas through cisterns and wells.

But far more people are affected by water shortage. According to the UN, around four billion people suffer from acute water shortages for at least one month a year – especially in Africa. The rainy seasons have shifted due to climate change and are no longer predictable. More often than not, it rains heavily and then there is no single raindrop falling for months. The long droughts threaten the existence of many farmers.

KOLPING helps the people in the dry areas: Cisterns and wells make sure that many people in East Africa survive. Cisterns store clean rainwater for a long time, wells supply entire villages with clean water. By improving access to water, farmers can grow more vegetables. Not only do they improve their nutrition, but they can also earn money because they can harvest more and sell their produce. “My heart jumped for joy when I saw the cisterns,” says Marie Rose from the village of Ruyenzi in Rwanda. Kolping distributed cisterns there that supply 390 families with clean water. Marie’s children can now go to school instead of fetching water – and she has enough water for the fields and the cattle.

Your donation gives people access to clean water: with 20 euros you can buy 5 bags of cement, 65 euros subsidise a pump, and 400 euros costs the purchase of a cistern with a capacity of 4,000 litres.

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