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Microcredits open opportunities for the future

Microcredits are an effective means to combat poverty. Already with a small start-up funding, people can start their own small business.

Kolping supports poor people in many parts of the world with microcredits. Often a small amount suffices to enable a family to start their own business. In Tamil Nadu, India, e.g. a Kolping Family joined together and founded its own milk cooperative. KOLPING India supported the members with a credit so that the members were able to acquire some more cows. KOLPING also helped with making out a finance plan. Thuineesh proudly presents her cow insurance policy, the animal is her most valuable possession. The family earns each month about 80 euro with the milk of the cow, this is more than the national minimum wage. “I bought seeds and fertilizers with this money and I have a reserve in case someone from the family gets sick.”

Already small amounts help the small entrepreneurs: 20 euro for the purchase of spices, with 40 euro a small kiosk can be equipped, 100 euro for the acquisition of small livestock.

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