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Water tanks for Kenya

Water has always been scarce in Kenya. But in recent years, rain has fallen even more scarcely. It is therefore all the more important to have cisterns which collect the precious liquid thus creating important water reserves for droughts.

Benedetta Namo Mulwa from Kilimambogo is more than happy that she has recently received a water tank from KOLPING. In the past it took the small-scale farmer up to two hours a day to fetch water for the family from the nearest spring. A strenuous task that required a lot of time and energy of the 55-year-old woman. A small gutter now leads the rainwater from the tin roof of her hut into the water tank. Since then Benedetta has had the water for domestic use right next to her hut. There is enough water for the cattle and the plant bag of the family. Without the cistern she could not water the plant bag. She would not have been able to carry two more buckets a day. Having said this, the vegetables growing in the large plastic bag are often the only food the family has in times of drought.

Like Benedetta many people in Kenya are still urgently waiting for a water tank. The tanks with a capacity of 5,000 litres cost around 500 euros. Please help us to supply even more poor families from drought regions with cisterns.

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