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Starting opportunities for young people

In Brazil, many young people have no vocational training and live from occasional jobs. Kolping especially cares for disadvantaged youths and offers them various vocational trainings. So they get a good start into working life.

In Rio do Sul in the State of Santa Catarina, Kolping offers qualified vocational training to youth and young adults. The apprentices come from poor families and are between 16 and 29 years old. Job perspectives are positive:

Around 70,000 habitants live in Rio do Sul, so that there is a lot of trading and the demand for skilled workers is high.

As customary at Kolping, the training combines theory and practice: Apart from manual skills, Kolping also imparts so-called “soft skills” as, e.g. team spirit, resilience and independence. With the help of Kolping, the young people already look for a job while they undergo training, so that they can put into practice what they learnt and earn money right after having completed their training.

Please enable with your donation that young people can use their staring opportunities and get a vocational training. 30 Euros are a subsidy for the teaching materials; 80 Euros help to finance the course fees.

You can support this project indicating the key word “PM vocational training Brazil”:


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