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Building of therapy offer

The newly founded Kolping Family in Schargorod (Central Ukraine) would like to help “children with special needs”. This refers to people who suffer from the Down Syndrome or other cerebral palsies or rather disorders such as autism.

The medical and social treatment through the Ukrainian state is quite insufficient and often there is a lack of the necessary technical qualification of the staff. The group of persons attended needs special therapies and instruments for the promotion of the personal development, which are not available in this region. The Kolping Family in Schargorod therefore intends to design a room so that it is suitable for therapeutic purposes. The group wants to equip the room with special tactile elements, skeins in fibre optics, sports devices and other furniture.

The group is professionally supported by experts of the Kolping Family in Lviv, who have been working successfully in this area for many years.

To build this therapy offer, the Kolping Family of Schargorod urgently relies on donations. It is not able to finance these important purchases on its own.

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