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South Africa: Support for the SPARK programme

With the SPARK programme, KOLPING South Africa supports single mothers with social and vocational training. But the demand for places is currently much higher than the supply. The employment of a social worker should help.

According to statistics, almost 40 percent of children in South Africa are raised only by mothers. In the poor suburbs of Cape Town this proportion is even higher. These single mothers often do not know where to find the strength and money to raise their children. KOLPING South Africa’s SPARK programme which provides both practical help in educational issues and professional skills is in great demand. However, the KOLPING team is currently able to offer a maximum of two SPARK courses per year because it lacks the necessary personnel for more courses.

Therefore, KOLPING South Africa wants to employ a social worker as soon as possible to lead the SPARK programme as a full-time coordinator. This would not only provide the opportunity to extend the courses to help even more desperate mothers. Quality and conceptualisation of the content would also benefit from an own SPARK coordinator (currently the responsibility for SPARK lies with the coordinator of another programme).

Please help KOLPING South Africa so that this social worker can be employed soon.


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