Project of the Month

Goats for East Africa

”We Africans do not want handouts, but we rather want to be given the opportunity to generate enough money to sustain our families”. These words by the late former National Praeses of South Africa, Father Roland Pasensie, are the guiding principle for projects of the Kolping Society in Africa.

Goats provide a massive help for the poor small farmers to get started. Goats are not meat suppliers in the first place. It is their manure which is so valuable. It helps producing organic fertilizer that adds important nutrients to the barren soil almost tripling the crop production. In training courses, Kolping teaches the farmers how to produce organic fertilizer. In the workshops, they also learn to maintain and feed goats so that the animals enjoy good health for a successful breeding.

These programmes by Kolping have been realized successfully for years in some countries in East Africa – Tanzania, Uganda, Ruanda, and Burundi. In Zambia, however, the farmers are just getting started. They urgently need more training in goats farming. It is also planned to start distributing goats and doing trainings in Malawi.

Therefore, we kindly ask you for your donations! You may support this project by indicating the key word “PMO-East Africa goats“: KOLPING INTERNATIONAL Cooperation e.V.

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