Good vocational training, great perspectives

Young Florence has just started her apprenticeship as a tailor in the Kolping vocational training center in Muramba. “Here we get everything we need to learn and for the practice,” says the young ambitious woman happily. With tailoring she is able to use her creativity to later be self-employed. “I like tailoring because it is an innovative profession that helps me in my personal development. Maybe I can later also support my parents with it.”

The example of Dévotha Dunkundane shows to which successes a vocational training can lead. She made it and she is now a role model to young women like Florence. Thanks to the acquired skills she was able to sell clothes on the market she sewed on an old sewing machine. “It is very important for me as a woman to earn my own money. Thus I am in a position to sustain my living and I am independent”.

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