A country fighting against the crisis

The Democratic Republic of Congo is actually a prosperous country: it has a lot of solid raw materials, impressive fresh water resources and tropical rainforests. However, several decades of exploitation by colonial rulers, a subsequent dictatorship and following wars have made the country very poor. The social and human situation is a disaster. For some time now, the Democratic Republic of Congo has been confronted with its worst crisis since the end of the Congo Wars in 2003.

Kolping in the field


The Association in Congo has members in the Diocese of Inongo who are active in agriculture, animal husbandry and fishing for self-sufficiency. There have been considerations to introduce some of the agricultural methods tested by KOLPING INTERNATIONAL in other countries through training courses in Congo: Production and use of compost to preserve soil fertility, use of new fruit varieties for a more balanced diet and distribution of small domestic animals. However, the very poor infrastructure makes systematic project work difficult. The 350 members of the National Kolping Society of Congo are organized in a total of 14 Kolping Families.

Rural Development

Associational Work

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