Prayer of the Kolping Family

Lord Jesus Christ,

you call your Church to proclaim the Gospel message in word and action.
We give thanks for your confidence in us and we thank you for Blessed Adolph Kolping
and his example of discipleship.
Give us the gifts which reflected Adolph Kolping's life and work.
Help us to be:

faithful to God and confident in ourselves;
both earnest and joyful in life;
responsible for ourselves and caring in our relatioships with one another;
aware of our past and committed to our future.

Strengthen our faith so we can face the world and its challenges.
Awaken hope in us so we can create joy and happiness through our ministry to others.
Deepen our love so we can commit ourselves to the development of the Church and a just society.
Help our Kolping Family be a sign of your coming Kingdom.


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