Council of Europe honours Kolping Association

KOLPING INTERNATIONAL has been represented in the Council of Europe for 50 years through its participatory status. On this occasion, the Council of Europe honoured the work of the association in a decree, which was received by the Kolping Europe Representative.

“The Council of Europe is grateful that organisations like the Kolping Society are helping to convey the awareness of the special dignity of the human being and human rights as laid down in the European Convention on Human Rights to a wider public,” said the Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Bjørn Berge, at the handover of the decree during the most recent session of the Council of Europe. In this decree, the Council of Europe not only recognises the association’s far-reaching commitment to the idea of Europe and the process of European unification, but also its founder Adolph Kolping as an “important social reformer”. (To the decree of the Council of Europe)

In his function as Europe Representative of KOLPING INTERNATIONAL, Anton Salesny expressed his thanks for the prestigious award. He said: “This committed work for the European idea was only possible because there are committed members in the Kolping Society who placed the European idea at the centre of educational work after the Second World War. In this hour of honouring the Kolping Society, we should also remember all those who have particularly supported and promoted the Kolping Society here in the Palais de l’Europe. It is with respect and gratitude that we honour the memory of numerous Council of Europe officials. General Secretaries of the Council of Europe, Presidents of the Parliamentary Assembly and important functionaries who have been involved in the educational work of the Kolping Society here at the Palais de l’Europe.” He recalls with particular gratitude and appreciation the benevolent support of the Presidents of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Dr Pierre Pflimlin and Senator Louis G. Jung.

KOLPING INTERNATIONAL is the oldest INGO within the Council of Europe and also the most active organisation. Kolping’s long-standing co-operation in the form of the Council of Europe declarations with a great external impact and the Europe seminars in the Palais de l’Europe were milestones in Kolping’s work for the European idea.

PHOTO: Council of Europe