In the following you will find a selection of our project work. Please contact our fundraising team that can provide you with further current projects that suit your country or theme focus. We are looking forward to your e-mail or telephone call:

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Latin America

In Latin America Kolping concentrates its activities on vocational training and further training of children, young people and adults. There are, e.g., offers for the whole family in social centers in Brazil or Colombia: children are cared for, they get a meal and private lessons; but there are also counseling services for parents. Rural development is equally important: cistern projects and concrete assistance as to how to cultivate fields more effectively are important components of the Kolping work as well as medical centers for the poor population in Bolivia. Continue


The focus of our project work in Africa is “rural development”. These are cistern projects, improved cultivation methods, small livestock breeding. Vocational training is another important focus. In many countries Kolping conducts vocational training courses that qualify people and enable them to earn their own income. Microcredits also help the people to set up their own businesses. Continue…


The focus of the Kolping activities in Asia is training and further training as well as income generating activities. Small credits help small entrepreneurs to set up their own business and to earn their own money. Since in Asia girls and women are often excluded from vocational training, Kolping in Asia especially promotes the training and education of girls. Continue

Central and Eastern Europe

Our objectives in Central and Eastern Europe: Vocational training and education, strengthening of the civil society and the democratic development by means of social and political education of the Kolping members. Special offers for disadvantaged groups (e.g. ethnic minorities, jobless, elderly people). Continue