Rural development in Africa

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Cisterns help during the dry season

Those who pay a visit to East Africa will soon become familiar with a typical scene. All day long, the women and their children walk for many kilometres to a water hole, carrying canisters on their heads.

Sometimes, they walk several times a day, because water is needed for drinking, washing, their fields and their cattle. For example, each dairy cow has to drink 50 litres of water per day.

This work is done traditionally by women and their children. Already five-year old children carry small canisters on their heads. These children often cannot go to school regularly because it takes a lot of time to fetch the water. The women have less time for domestic and field work.

This is why KOLPING INTERNATIONAL supports national Kolping Societies in Africa, for example in Tanzania or Uganda, by providing cisterns. The size of the cisterns differs. Taking the example of an often used cistern with a capacity of 4,000 litres, it can easily be calculated how much time is saved through the construction of a cistern: A woman can carry 20 litres of water. If she needs one hour (or more) to fetch the water, she would need 200 hours for 4,000 litres in one year!

The water tanks are installed alongside the houses and during the rainy season the rainwater runs off the gutter into the tank. This facilitates life for the extended family. People still have to fetch water, but not as often as before.

Project costs:

Construction of a cistern                    400.00 Euro

Project no.:  1903-cisterns Africa

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