Rural development

Chicken, pigs or goats:
With small domestic animals to a better life

Farmers in Africa do not only have to fight difficult climate conditions. Often their agrarian area is too small, so that they could only get a slight harvest and that is why they can hardly feed their family and secure the income of their family.
A good alternative is breeding small domestic animals. Chicken, rabbits, pigs or goats could be a possibility. The structure of a small herd leads to securing their income. The animals or the manufactures like milk, eggs or meat could be sold. And as a side effect, these small domestic animals also produce dung. And this the farmers could use to make eutrophic dung for their fields.

Especially women take care of breeding small domestic animals: They feed the animals and manage the income. Usually women are also the ones that take care of the well-being of their family – they use the money that they generate from breeding small domestic animals to buy sanitary articles or to pay for medication. They also badly need the money for paying school fees, school books, school-uniforms and of course for their children to get good schooling. The best thing would be to have enough money to invest it into things like buying new equipment for the farm or for seeds, or to save it for cases of emergency.

Often breeding of livestock is a project of a Kolping family which also spreads itself because: The first progenies of the animals the farmers impart to other families for the crop growing of a small flock.

The National Kolping Societies in Africa help the “young” farmers also in marketing their animals as well as animal products. Furthermore there are veterinaries at hand who control the health of the animals.

You can also help the Kolping families in Africa in founding a small domestic animal breed, to improve their alimentary and their income situation with their own energy!

Cost of the project:
One chicken 5 - 10 Euro
One rabbit 5 - 10 Euro
One pig 40 Euro
One locally bread goat 30 - 60 Euro
One milk goat 120 - 180 Euro

Having their own pigs and chicken helps to improve the family’s income.

Project-number: 1905

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