Philippinenes: Formation

Rinalyn at work

Philippines – Training and support for women

The Kolping Society of the Philippines has trained 150 young people for the last two years: as a welder, cook, baker, or in housekeeping. For Rinalyn, a young single mother, the training provided by the Kolping Society was like a stroke of luck. When she was 15, she became pregnant, but her family encouraged and helped her to continue schooling despite the baby. At the age of 19, Rinalyn left school with a qualification similar to a high school degree. In a Kolping training course, she learned how to cook and bake. After taking an additional course in making bread and pastries, she now works at a bake shop chain as a cake adorner. She earns enough to also save some money for the education of her child. And the young women has even more plans – she wants to open up soon her own shop with her sister.

The welder apprentices have been trained by a woman for two years. That is unusual as the craft is mostly carried out by men – let alone taught by a women. Maria Cecilia Dolawen was employed by Kolping Philippines in 2013 as a trainer. Maria has become a role model for many women – and surely for the few female apprentices.


Costs :
Grant for 1 trainee: 90 Euro

Project: Formation / Project-No.: AW-6304

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