Promote and strengthen exchange and encounter between European Kolping youths

There is no doubt that youth work in all 20 European Kolping associations is very important. Voluntary commitment, informal learning (also learning apart from school or other institutions), recreational activities and spiritual accompaniment on local and national level are promoted through a wide range of offers.

On European level there is an umbrella association, the Kolping Youth Europe. The board currently consists of seven young people who come from all over Europe. The board meets twice or three times a year to resolve upon political statements, for information exchange on association work and to plan youth events, e.g. the European Youth Week which takes place each year in a different country. In the last years the hosts (Kolping South Tyrol, Kolping Rumania and Kolping Lithuania) were very creative regarding the development of an interesting program to get to know the country and their people and to discuss interesting subjects like integration and global learning. The membership meeting takes place annually. It always contains a large formation part.

The manifold program, the close communication with young people and the acquisition of promotion funds for events are not possible without the support of employed staff. Please give the young people in Europe the opportunity to experience Europe, to establish Kolping contacts and to enlarge their political and social commitment!

Total costs per year 14,000.00 Euro

Coordination of European Youth Work (in Poland) 12,000.00 Euro

Co-financing of youth encounters and further training 2,000.00 Euro


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