First-Day-of-School-Surprise-Bags instead of a first day of school cone: Assistance for Romanian children starting school

For many children starting school is a reason to be happy, they are anxious to learn and to meet their class-mates. New books, new booklets, pens and the large first day of school cone – this constitutes a problem to many families in Romania who are not so well-off. They do not have the money for buying the material that their children will use for school and worry that their children will be considered to be outsiders at school, right from the start. For migration, unemployment and a high inflation worsen the social inequality in the country. And this inequality is what the weakest and the smallest of the population also experience.
Five Kolping Families from the Banat (situated in the border triangle of Romania Hungary and Serbia) therefore decided to assist those families in need and to help them in procuring the school things, so that starting school will be a happy occasion for as many children as possible, an occasion that they will gladly think back to for quite some time.

The five Kolping Families ask for your assistance! If each of the Kolping Families participating received a subsidy of 100 Euros, then this action is able to assist many children. Please transfer your donation under the keyword „SH-4704“ to:

DKM Darlehnskasse Münster eG
IBAN DE74 4006 0265 0001 3135 00