Water cisterns make life easier for people in drought areas

Tijipió is a small and poor village in the interior of the drought area Ceará. Also there the subject number one is the continuing drought. Nevertheless there are small signs of progress: You can see a cistern next to almost every house. Out of the 110 families who live there 85 families have a cistern. The cisterns are promoted by a government program where Kolping also participates.

In the past, water had to be fetched from a distant open water hole – the quality of the water was bad and made many people sick. Apart from the normal cisterns the first Cisterna calçadão was built recently – a big cistern which stores 52,000 liters of water with a concrete slab of 200 m2 where big quantities of rainwater can be captured. During the dry seasons field crop can be dried here, e.g. beans. Now the family is waiting for the long-desired rain so that the cistern will be filled.

José Claudio da Silveira, the President of the Kolping Family Tijipió, says: “The cisterns have been a blessing for us. We have built them together, always four families together and one bricklayer. All of us have worked in the construction of a cistern for one family until every family had a cistern. This has created a strong sense of community.”

Please help with your donation so that even more villages in the drought areas can get a cistern! A seminar about water costs 120 euros, a cistern 650 euros. Every amount will help!

Project-No.: 2301 / Water Brazil

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