Successful microcredit model: solid business ideas need starting capital

Evelyn und Marco used to work in a shoe factory in Argentina. When it was closed down in one of the many economic crises, they wanted to become self-employed but lacked the starting funds. “Kolping was helpful with a loan. We could buy leather, shoe soles and patterns and were able to create our small enterprise Marvel Shoes”, recalls Evelyn. Our business was successful right from the beginning and we were able to pay back the money quickly.

In Argentina, individuals with a concrete business idea can address the Kolping Society. After examination on the feasibility, they are supported with a small loan. 3,500 credits have been granted so far to people who presented a convincing business idea. The return rate of 98 % is enormous. Small credit schemes are carried out by Kolping in many countries in Latin America, for example in Mexico or the Dominican Republic. It is often small initiatives that help people create a livelihood. Kolping employees are also trained to be able to provide professional advice to those who take part in the microcredit programmes.

Project: Microcredit in Latin America
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