Paraguay: Formal education

Perspectives for vocational training in rural areas

Adriana wants to become a motor mechanic. The 18 year old is pupil at the small Kolping vocational training center Pilar in the southwest of Paraguay. Her family lives from agriculture, like most of the people she knows because there are not many alternatives in the region. However, one of the connecting roads to Argentina leads through her village, and Adriana wants to make use of that: her uncle has a small workshop where he carries out car repairs and with his niece he intends to develop his workshop professionally.

The fact that young people like Adriana have the opportunity to make a vocational training in rural areas is owed to the existence of the vocational training center in Fernando de la Mora. 40 different vocational trainings are offered there, e.g. in the fields motor mechanics, electric installation, computer science, barbering, cosmetics and health care. In urban areas, most of the graduates can afford to pay the school fees so that the centre is self-financing. The cente also has enough staff to assume the administration of the four local branches. In rural areas above all youth from disadvantaged population groups are accepted. This is why the vocational training centers there cannot operate economically viable and must rely on donations for their equipment.

Project costs:
Welding equipment: 1.200 Euro
Motor: 5.000 Euro

Project No: AW-3004

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