16.03.2017: Bolivia

Work for school drop-outs

Young people, who for various reasons are forced to leave school, often have less opportunities later in life. 
For this group Kolping Bolivia offers special, mostly technical, training.  But it does not stop at the end of the training.  Kolping also promotes the finding of work places, so that the graduates can actually make a living. 

During the business year of 2016, Kolping Bolivia was able to train 130 young people, aged 18 – 25, in four occupations:  catering, child care and education, pharmaceutical-technical assistants, and comprehensive beauty care.  The courses are offered in two regions of the country – Sucre and Oruro.

After the apprenticeship, the trainees undergo a three-month internship in various companies that support the program.  Often the companies employ them right away. 

The result of the training is impressive: 65% of the graduates found employment; 21% decided to start a business of their own; 9% continued to study at other institutions.  Just as in Adolph Kolping’s time, our Association created prospects for young people.