07.10.2016: Dominican Republic

Commitment to the Community and the Environment attracts attention

For many years already, commitment to the community and the environment has been an important topic in the work of the Kolping Society of the Dominican Republic.  So over the past month, a large number of Kolping members, especially young ones, removed garbage from large areas in the outskirts of Bonao.  These areas of un-spoilt nature along a small river are often used by the citizens of Boano as recreation areas.  Unfortunately, there are always people who simply leave their garbage behind.

Here the Kolping Society sets signs which also become known to the public.  Local radio and TV stations are reporting these clean-up activities.  This enables the Kolping Society of the Dominican Republic to increase its visibility.  Time and time again, the leaders of the Kolping Society can speak in interviews about not only the campaign to protect the environment but also about the work done by the Kolping Society.