29.09.2016: Earthquake in Tanzania

More than 2000 houses destroyed or severely damaged – Kolping members affected

In the earthquake of September 10 in Tanzania 17 persons have been reported dead up to now. The actual number is likely to be much higher since the death toll has not yet been reported from all villages affected.

The local people have not yet received help from the government because it is fully engaged with restoring the public infrastructure (streets, electricity and water supply, schools, hospitals etc.). Volker Greulich, senior desk officer for Africa, is currently in Bukoba to get an idea of the catastrophe: “I have met a man who was lying under the rubble of his house. He protected his child with his body, both of them got out of the ruins alive. But I have also stood in front of the ruins of a house in which a mother and her child were killed by the falling rubble.”

Many Kolping staff and Kolping members also suffer from the consequences of the earthquake: the houses of 125 persons were destroyed or damaged. 21 persons must sleep outside their houses, 24 persons found other accommodations. The others are holding out in their damaged houses or flats.

Please support the reconstruction of the damaged houses and the Kolping school in Bukoba with your donation so that the children can return to school as soon as possible!

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About 30,000 houses have been destroyed by the earthquake or are no longer habitable. The people live in provisional shelters.

The village of Nshambya on the outskirts of Bukoba was severely affected by the earthquake.

This woman lives with her four children in this provisional dwelling.

The classroom of the recently inaugurated Kolping school in Bukoba.