07.10.2016: Honduras

Networking improves efficiency

Kolping Honduras is convinced that co-operating with experienced organizations in networks can advance its own work faster. Only recently, a co-operation agreement was negotiated with an occupational training centre. 
Here, the private training centre contributes technological and educational expertise.  Kolping Honduras can identify the trainees, mostly from its own ranks. 

The co-ordinator, Rufino Rodriguez, is convinced that thereby a triple win-win situation arises:  for the occupational training centre, for Kolping Honduras, and especially for the young people who can get an occupational qualification based on the labour market and thus a basis for a life on their own.

Working together with other organizations and the utilization of co-operative action has a certain tradition in Honduras.  There has been a long collaboration of the Kolping Society and the renowned Agricultural University ZAMORANO regarding the training of farmers.