23.04.2018: International Youth Work

Kolping Youth develops communication concept

Youth workers, non-profit leaders or even activists know very well that the key for a successful event is communication. Already small tips and tricks help to improve the internal communication. On the one hand, an organization must be able to communicate a message clearly within seconds to the outside world. And on the other hand, a clear internal communication creates a positive working atmosphere that benefits the trainers as well as the youth leaders and volunteers. Nobody knows this better than our active Kolping Youth.

In a joint project experiences were gathered and the most important questions noted: Who do we want to reach? What are our goals? What kind of media can we use and how do we phrase to address our target group properly?

These and other further questions were answered in a manual. It is meant to help people in international youth work to initiate their own communication or to improve already existing instruments. Therefore, the concept provides its readers with methods and strategies how to bring a message across successfully in short time and with limited resources.

The result is impressive and is an important contribution for everybody who wants to get acquainted with the basics of public relations.

The manual was funded by the EU: Erasmus Plus, Support for Policy Reform Civil Society Cooperation with in the field of Youth.