18.08.2017: International

International Convention, Meeting of the International Board of Directors and Symposium in Lima


For one week at the end of September, the work of Kolping will be discussed in Lima, with representatives from over 60 countries.  A total of around 240 delegates from Kolping Associations around the world will be guests.  Preparations are currently under way at full blast not only at the Head Office in Cologne but also at the National Office of Kolping Peru in Lima.

Two lead proposals will be discussed during the meeting of the International Convention.  The first one formulates the self-image of Kolping as a member association.  The second lead proposal introduces changes to the International Constitution, which is binding on all Associations.  Reports from the Head Office and from all Associations, as well as a debate on the Papal Letter Laudato Si are also on the agenda.

The International Board of Directors, the decision-making body of the National Kolping Societies that have more than 1000 members, will also elect some members to the leadership level of the International Kolping Society.

In the run-up, there will be a development-political symposium with more than 70 participants, who will discuss die development-co-operation of Kolping and the specific approach of the mobilization of the civic society.  “From Beneficiaries towards committed Volunteers – Shaping Society & Church through Kolping Associations” is the heading of these deliberations.

The last International Convention was held in 2012 in Bensberg.