27.09.2016: Kolping - Adveniat

General Secretary of the International Kolping Society elected to the Adveniat Supervisory Board

In its autumn plenary assembly from September 19 to September 22, 2016 in Fulda, the German Episcopal Conference appointed new members to all espiscopal commissions, a process that takes place at regular intervals. At the first membership meeting of Adveniat e.V. that took place on September 20, 2016 and was also held during the autumn plenary assembly, a new Supervisory Board for the Episcopal Action was elected.

The bishops also appointed the General Secretary of the International Kolping Society (IKS), Dr. Markus Demele, a member of the Adveniat Supervisory Board. “For more than 40 years Kolping projects are carried out in fourteen Latin American countries for the welfare of people. I am happy that I may continue to contribute our experience, the strengthening of the Church and the Civil Society, to the work of Adveniat, just like our former General Secretary Hubert Tintelott did, who has now resigned,” says Dr. Markus Demele on the occasion of his election.

The other members of the Adveniat Supervisory Board for the next five years are: Mrs. Christiane Fuchs-Pellmann (Cologne), Mrs. Renate Jachmann-Willmer (Dortmund), Dr. Hartmut Köß (Bonn) and Dr. Helge Wulsdorf (Paderborn). Mrs. Renate Jachmann-Willmer was elected President of the Supervisory Board.

General Secretary Markus Demele meets a Kolping familiy in Mexico.