14.06.2017: Decent Work – ILO Conference in Geneva

How can people be protected from exploitation? Kolping calls for more inspections on the spot

All over the world, millions of children, men and women work daily in miserable conditions and without any employment contract. Laws which prevent this from happening have long been established, but they are not applied sufficiently. Labour inspections are a good instrument to detect inhuman working conditions. People could be protected from exploitative conditions if the existing laws were applied consequently. Kolping is committed to adapting and implementing these laws across the globe.

At the annual session of the International Labour Office in Geneva, Dr Hildegard Hagemann from Deutsche Kommission Justitia et Pax and representative of Kolping International claims: ”The democratic state continually has to review and improve its instruments to protect the rights of working people in view of the challenges of globalisation.”

During the ILO conference also Catholic organisations met up to discuss whether or not labour inspections are the appropriate instrument to prevent workers in informal economies from being exploited. The General Secretary of Kolping International, Dr Markus Demele, advocates unannounced inspections at the workplace – with all the consequences: “Labour inspections are an instrument to implement current legislation. It is not acceptable that violations of labour rights and thus human rights are not pursued and punished.“

The International Kolping Society has special status with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.