10.02.2017: Mexico

Start of dual training system

The dual training system is a German export hit and is being used by National Kolping Societies in many countries to provide young people with solid vocational training

The Kolping Family “Señor de la Piedad" in Querétaro shows that this can work not only in large occupational training facilities, but also on a small scale.  It started to train young people through the project “Maquinados Alvarez” (Alvarez Machining).  The “Introduction to Lathes” course provides trainees with basic knowledge of conventional, manually operated lathes, including the production of cylindrical steel pieces for the industry according to a draft. Thanks to this course, the participants will have new job opportunities – thus the project contributes to the development of skills for the youths of the parish.  All done in the best of Kolping tradition!