20.09.2017: The Archbishop of Munich blesses new Kolping House in Manabí

One and a half years back, nobody had thought that there would ever be so much joy and happiness in this place again

When in April 2016 an earthquake of magnitude 7.8 hit the area west of Quito, there was a sense of shock, grief, and desperation. More than 600 people lost their lives, thousands were injured and their houses devastated. Also many Kolping members were affected by the earthquake. The Kolping House Manabí was so badly damaged that it had to be torn down.

Joy and Hope

15 months later, there is much joy. Not only has the new building of the Kolping House just been completed and shines in new glory – it has also seen an important visitor. His Eminence, Reinhard Cardinal Marx, the Archbishop of Munich and Freising, paid a visit to Kolping whilst on his journey through Ecuador. Around 200 Kolping members were gathered when he blessed the Kolping House. After the dreadful months following the earthquake, this was a sign of hope and the start into a good future for Kolping in Ecuador.

High degree of solidarity

After the earthquake, there was a high degree of solidarity among members in the world-wide Kolping Association. Thanks to donations from the diocesan association of Munich in the amount of 60,000 €, immediate help from Kolping International in the amount of 30,000 € and funds provided by the BMZ it was possible to construct a new building. Thanks to additional individual donations some damaged houses of Kolping members could be repaired.