19.05.2017: Austria

Strong Families – strong Children: preventative program for Families

Kolping Austria is innovative and has traditionally been committed to families, since April now anew with the preventative program for Families: “Strengthening Families 10-14” is an 11-week free program, which is organized by Kolping Austria and the Institute for the Prevention of Addiction “Vienna Addiction and Drug Coordination”.

The program aims to reach families with children aged 10 to 14.  The objective of the program is to create the family life in a way that it strengthens the notions of "We" and "Together".  The youths learn to cope better with problems that go along with growing up, without sliding into that vicious circle of alcohol and drug consumption.  Parents are supported in the education by promoting their educational skills by way of practical tips in everyday life.  

The program has been used successfully in the USA, England, and Sweden for over 20 years.  Children and adolescents who take part in the program with their families do better in school and consume less frequently and quantitatively less tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs such as cannabis.  The participating parents report improved skills in raising their children and a more harmonious togetherness in the family. 

The participating families are accompanied in Vienna by “Family Supporters”, trained group leaders and experts of the Kolping counselling facilities, who have ample experience in supporting adolescents and families in crises.