07.10.2016: Rwanda

The International Board of Directors met in Rwanda

After four days, the meeting of the International Board of Directors in Ruhengeri, Rwanda, ended on September 18.  Satisfied and exhausted, the delegates looked back on intensive deliberations.

Looking towards the International Convention next year, the new structures of the Association were looked over at the international level – with the question about a contemporary and consensus-based understanding of membership in the Kolping Society being discussed as well.

Another focus was the debate on the encyclical “Laudato Si” by Pope Francis.  In an introductory address, General Secretary Dr. Markus Demele presented the text in terms of focal points.  This was followed by reports from the various continental perspectives.  During next year’s International Convention in Peru, additional concrete measures are to be discussed, such as how more consideration can be given to the ecological dimension of the project work of Kolping in favour of the poor and disadvantaged.

Visits to the projects of Kolping members in the agricultural sector showed how efficiently donations are being utilized in Rwanda.  Afterwards the Busogo Kolping Family extended an invitation to spend the evening together.  General Praeses Msgr. Ottmar Dillenburg was impressed, as were all the participants:  Both the Holy Mass and the following celebration have shown how enthusiastically the Kolping sisters and brothers here in Rwanda are passing on Fr. Kolping’s ideals and values.  Especially the Kolping song, specifically composed for this occasion, was an absolute highlight of this celebration.”  The International Board of Directors consists of representatives of all National Kolping Societies that have more than 1,000 members.

Women from the Kolping Family Muramba are producing woven baskets that are also sold abroad. This enables them to gain a small own income and thereby also more independence.

36 delegates from 26 countries met on the occasion of the Board of Directors' Meeting in Musanze.