17.02.2017: Rwanda

Growth in quantity and quality: More than 2.000 members

The history of Kolping Rwanda is one of success and gratitude.  In her annual report for 2016, Dancille Mujawamariya, managing director of Kolping Rwanda, states that five new Kolping Families with a total of 180 members were founded. 

The new members all received long and thorough instructions as to what it means to get involved in Kolping and how the self-help approach works.  Thirty new members were also initiated in the already existing Kolping Families, bringing the total membership to 2,000. 

The project work has also been professionalized in recent years, so that, along with spiritual activities, work is also done with public funding from the German Federal Ministry.  Kolping International supports and accompanies the exemplary efforts of the team of Kolping Rwanda.