07.03.2017: Germany: Shoes as resource of aid

More than 73,500 Euro for the International Adolph-Kolping-Foundation

Old shoes do not have to end up in the garbage can.  After recycling, they can be utilized in different ways.  That is why money can indeed be made with old shoes.  This led Kolping Germany’s steering committee to the decision to collect – starting in 2016 – in all Kolping Families old shoes to benefit the International Adolph Kolping Foundation. 

However, the first year’s result “went totally over the top” with an amount that could not be expected by anyone:  238,940 pairs of shoes arrived in 8,720 packages, bringing a revenue of 73,596.98 Euro for the International Adolph-Kolping-Foundation.

When the steering committee presented the cheque to the General Praeses, Msgr. Ottmar Dillenburg, he was impressed:  “The International Adolph-Kolping-Foundation serves the long-term safe-guarding of the Kolping Society’s work.  The regular distributions of the income generated by the Foundation’s capital are to ensure the sustainability of our Kolping work.  For this purpose, the support through the shoe campaign in the Kolping Society of Germany is an important contribution.”

The cheque was handed over by members of the National Executive Board: General Praeses Ottmar Dillenburg received the amount of 73,596.98 Euro for the International Adolph Kolping Foundation from the hands of Klaudia Rudersdorf (Vice national President, second from the left), Rosalia Walter (Spiritual Director) and Manuel Hörmeyer (National Executive Board of the Kolping Youth). Foto: Kolpingwerk Deutschland