20.03.2017: South Africa: New prospects for young people

The Work Opportunity Program (WOP) is a success story of the National Kolping Society of South Africa

Time and time again, young people talk only after they participated in the course about how they regained hope for a good future in the country shaped by extreme inequality. 

This is due mainly to the fact that Kolping not only passes on skills, but also looks at the whole person with his/her hopes, fears, and worries.  Only when young people believe in themselves and their talents will they be able to successfully complete an occupational training.  Angelique Fortuin, a graduate of the program has expressed these hopeful changes of the prospects in her life in a poem which we will present here:

If I could be honest for just a minute or two
I'll have something very special I’d like to share with you
When life is overwhelming and worries consume my days
When uncertainty turns to fear and hope is as distant as the sky
Along you came with encouragement, proving me once again that not all angels fly
I want to let you know from the heart that I felt blessed from the very start
I’m looking at the world through new eyes
You gave me answers to many of my cries
I’m thankful you came along I can now wake up to each new day with a positive song
Never have I realised how blessed I am
My unknown faith has carried me through the deepest dam
You came into my dark life and gave me new light
I choose to shine now ever so bright
The mask was finally identified and revealed
For the mere fact that I chose to be healed
For this moment of truth I will always pray I promise to keep these memories safe in my heart so it will never go away.