09.03.2017: South Africa

Strengthening young mothers

During their visit to Germany, three representatives of the Kolping Society of South Africa were guests in Augsburg.  They utilized the visit to inform Vicar-General Harald Heinrich and the Praeses of the Diocesan Kolping Society of Augsburg, Vicar Alois Zeller, about their new aid project “Spark”.

It was very important for the visitors to thank Vicar-General Heinrich for the Diocese of Augsburg’s support of their projects.  Dr. Paula Galo, who is the President of the National Kolping Society of South Africa since 2016, introduced the new project “Spark”, which is for young mothers and their children.  This initiative was launched by members of the parish of Manenberg, a township in the metropolitan area of Cape Town, and is now supported by Kolping and the Diocese of Augsburg.  “We want to help the young mothers not only materially, but also strengthen them and the mother-child bond,” explained Father Dominic Helmboldt who, as pastor of the Manenberg parish, is directly involved in the project.  “Spark” is aiming to help the young women to discover their true potential and to make them more aware of their rights.

Kolping International has been supporting the work of Kolping South Africa for many years within the framework of fostering social structures through the German Ministry for Economic Development and Co-operation (BMZ).

[Translate to English:] Das neue Projekt "Spark" unterstützt junge Mütter und ihre Kinder.