19.03.2017: The Ukraine: Kolping offers support despite the war

Refugees find a new home by Kolping

The Ukraine

Kolping offers support despite the war


Deeply impressed by the work of the Kolping Families in the Ukraine was General Secretary Dr. Markus Demele during his visit in February:  “Here the Kolping Families address directly the needs of the people they meet.  Where no adequate opportunities for people with disabilities exist, Kolping develops a program to deal with this and the Kolping Families implement it. 

When frightened refugees from the Eastern Ukraine arrive in Lviv, Kolping offers them homes”, says Markus Demele.  Additional examples: the Iwano-Frankiwsk Kolping Family offers, among other things, violence protection courses and monitoring of families affected by domestic violence.  It also organizes an education centre for seniors, as well a supporting a project in the city for internally displaced people.  However, the apartment had to be evacuated three times in 14 months, until the Kolping Family could finally move into a building of their own. 

There is no way that the Kolping members let themselves get down.  The Managing Director of the Association is already looking forward to the young new Kolping Families.  An end of the growth of Kolping in the Ukraine is not foreseeable despite the war in the East.

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