07.10.2016: Vietnam

Executive Board is taking a look at the future

In August members of the National Board and the Regional Executive Committees attended a training seminar for board members, given by General Secretary Dr. Markus Demele. 
The focus of the program was to develop visions of how to put the rapidly growing organization on a sound basis. 

In a communist country, this entails major hurdles for a Catholic association.  While the country’s first Catholic university opened in September, events of Christian groups are dealt with restrictively.  For example, last year the President of the Conference of German Bishops was not allowed to visit any Kolping Family in the Vinh Diocese.  And the renting of meeting rooms in a hotel for the training seminar required an approval by the government, which it delayed until the very last moment.

But the results of the seminar were ever so much better.  In future, Kolping Vietnam wants to get into more project work and create structures, in which even larger projects can be carried out for the benefit of the people, especially in rural areas.  As part of the international Kolping community, they will surely succeed despite the difficult environment.