World Day of Prayer on October, 27

On the one hand, the World Day of Prayer of the International Kolping Society celebrated every year on October 27 reminds us of Adolph Kolping’s beatification on October 27, 1991 and this year for the 25th time.

On the other hand, there is always a different National Kolping Society that presents its work and asks for a prayer.

On the occasion of this year’s World Day of Prayer we build a bridge of prayer from all the countries where the Kolping Society is present to the Philippines, pointing out at our special solidarity for Kolping Philippines.

Therefore KOLPING INTERNATIONAL introduces itself with the following documents.

On the occasion of the “Silver Jubilee” of the beatification, church services, pilgrimages and festivities and many other events are planned all over the world.Please document these events thoroughly with as many photos as possible and send this material to Cologne. We want to collect it here in order to compile a broad worldwide documentation for the internet. Please send your photos, reports and videos to Elisabeth Gühmann,