World Day of Prayer on October, 27

This year the World Day of Prayer focuses on Burundi.

The International Kolping Society’s World Day of Prayer on October 27 of every year commemorates the beatification of Fr. Kolping on October 27, 1991.  In addition, the Kolping Society of one country is also always the focus of each year’s World Day of Prayer.  The 2017 World Day of Prayer will establish a bridge of prayer from all countries to Burundi, and thus set a sign of the special solidarity for the Kolping Society in Burundi.

The beginnings of Kolping in Burundi:  In 1996 the German missionary brother Kham introduced the Kolping Family in Burundi to the staff of a facility for the disabled.  However, the Kolping ideology and spirituality was only imparted by an education delegation of the International Kolping Society, which included National Praeses Fr. Peter Isingoma and National Secretary Aloysius Mugasa of Kolping Uganda. 

Kolping Burundi was founded as a National Kolping Society on March 25, 2012.  The Head Office is in the Diocese of Gitega, located in the centre of the country.  The 43 Kolping Families are in various communities in six of the country’s eight dioceses; they consist of men and women.