Education opportunities for members committed to partnership work

  • What is Kolping International doing to reduce poverty in the long term?

  • Can development projects prevent social injustice?

  • Which activities motivate people to get involved in society and politics?

  • How can funds be acquired that may be used for project activities and how can cooperation partners and donors be found?

  • How can my Kolping Family contribute to sustainability?

  • How can I shape a co-operation at eye level?

  • Which methods of global learning are there?

Sigrid Stapel gives answers to these questions. She supports SEK’s partnership work by providing information on the projects of KOLPING INTERNATIONAL to all levels of the Kolping Society. She gives advice and assists in organizing events and campaigns on partnership / One World.

She co-ordinates and presents meetings, speaks about development policy and conducts seminars. She also compiles information and presentations in multi-media form. She accompanies the campaigns which are supported by Kolping International and makes sure that the content is brought to the different groups.

Your contact person:

Sigrid Stapel
Education & Campaigns Coordinator
+49 (0)221 / 77 88 0 - 28