KOLPING INTERNATIONAL Cooperation e.V. is the Kolping Society’s organisation specialised in development co-operation. It was founded in 1968 and started working with the “Campaign Brazil“ – a program which focused on vocational training and the promotion of small enterprises for marginalised people in Brazil.

A large network of solidarity arose from this initiative. There are currently around 7,800 Kolping Families with approximately 400,000 members in more than 60 countries around the world, and the trend continues. Due to a large number of projects, more than 400,000 people receive help to self-help year on year.

As international organisation, the KOLPING INTERNATIONAL Cooperation e.V. is the most important partner of the national Kolping Societies around the world and gives them advice and support in the implementation of the projects as well as in the development of new groups and associations.

The aim of the work is to fight actively against poverty through the building of sustainable social structures in form of self-help groups (the Kolping Families). The main focus of its work are vocational training programs and the promotion of small enterprises through income-generating projects in the craft sector and in the field of agriculture. Small enterprises of the informal sector are encouraged through small credits to buy tools, machines, raw materials or seeds, to start livestock farming, dairy cattle farming or to improve their cultivation methods etc. Moreover, the craftspeople and small farmers are provided with technical advice and training. Through vocational training and further education programs conducted at the Kolping Vocational Training Centres and training workshops young people receive the qualifications that are necessary to enter the labour market.


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