Active in faith

Kolping as a community of prayer

KOLPING INTERNATIONAL is a Catholic social association and, as such,
a vital, global community of faith and prayer.

Our faith in God and our orientation towards the ideas of Adolph Kolping are what unites our nearly 400,000 members across all national borders. At the same time, each national association contributes its own culture and its own ecclesiastical spirituality to the community. This makes Kolping a colourful, lively reflection of the universal Church. The head of all members worldwide is the General Praeses, who is elected into our lay association. Since 30 October 2021 Msgr. Christoph Huber has been General Praeses of KOLPING INTERNATIONAL.

On this site, Kolping prayers, songs, and materials for preparing mass are available for download. In addition, pleas and concerns can be shared with Kolping sisters and brothers around the world in a digital book of intercessions.

The members of the association are particularly committed to the canonization of their founding father Adolph Kolping. A miracle recognized by the Vatican is part of the Church’s official recognition of sainthood. In order to be able to initiate official steps in this respect, we kindly ask all those who believe to have experienced an answer to their prayers from Blessed Adolph Kolping to contact the General Secretariat of KOLPING INTERNATIONAL at

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Msgr. Christoph Huber, General Praeses

Prayers / Songs

General Praeses Msgr. Christoph Huber recommends this novena (a nine-day prayer) to ask Blessed Adolph Kolping for help and intercession in a special matter.
Novena on Blessed Adolph Kolping_DIN A4
Novena on Blessed Adolph Kolping_DIN A6_double-sided foldable

Prayer of the Kolping Family

Prayer for the canonization of Adolph Kolping

Kolping Song

Gebet um die Heiligsprechung Adolph Kolpings

World Day of Prayer

Every year on October 27, the Kolping community celebrates a World Day of Prayer around the world to commemorate the beatification of Adolph Kolping on 27 October 1991.
Liturgical texts and information on the World Day of Prayer


In a digital book of intercessions, all who wish may share their pleas and concerns with their Kolping brothers and sisters around the world.
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