Securing vocational opportunities

How we fight poverty with education


Poverty is often closely linked with a lack of education. Who lacks money for education has little prospect of finding a good job afterwards. Every year, KOLPING INTERNATIONAL enables more than 170,000 young people to obtain occupational qualifications, and helps develop substantial opportunities to leave poverty behind.

Promoting talents and strengthening people

Everybody has talents and abilities which KOLPING wants to promote though its educational work. Our programmes give youths and young adults the chance for a master the transition into employment through vocational training. This will help them to create secure and sustainable livelihoods.

Education for everyone

Our world-wide training courses range from short-term workshops to courses which last several years and come with officially recognized diplomas. This varies according to the field of occupation and local requirements. In addition to technical training the young people often acquire basic know-how in bookkeeping or marketing, so that lateron they can start their own small business, because in many countries in the Southern hemisphere there are not enough jobs for everyone.

And KOLPING does not only offer vocational training: We promote the education of people of all ages with kindergartens, schools, alphabetization courses for adults, or seminars on topics like health, family, politics, and society.

Programmes for disadvantaged people

KOLPING supports young people from particularly difficult social strata to strengthen their self-confidence in a first step. In specific courses, the so-called “Work Opportunity Programmes” (WOP), they acquire basic soft skills to make them fit for the labour market. The technical training is given only thereafter.

In addition to occupational qualification young people also experience community, respect and solidarity in the KOLPING education centres – these are values that mark them for their entire life and are a motivation to act in solidarity themselves.

Decent work

KOLPING supports a fair globalization and actively stands up for social standards in the world of labour, for example with the International Labour Organization (ILO) based in Geneva, in which KOLPING INTERNATIONAL holds a consultative status.

Experts for Rwanda

In the Kolping Vocational Training Centre in Murumba, 130 young people are trained every year in 11 different occupations. For the young people this is a unique chance.


After his successful training with Kolping, Clint now works as chef in a restaurant in Cape Town and is really happy for the first time in his life.


The traing with KOLPING has a good reputation in Naga and in the region. The graduates receive a degree by the government and have great chances to find an employment.


Kolping Work Opportunity Programme in Uganda


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