A continent with many faces

Young, emerging, and active – Asia is a diverse continent with many creative and clever minds where new ideas fall on fertile ground and are implemented extremely fast. Tradition and modernism are combined in many places to form an exciting vision of the future. Adolph Kolping’s idea of believing in the talents of every single human being therefore fits in excellently with many Asian countries in which not only an economic but also a social upheaval is taking place. It is the aim of the Kolping work in Asia that all people can benefit from this.

The situation of the people

More than half of the world’s population lives in Asia. A continent full of contrasts: impressive economic growth and depressing poverty, high-level technology and low level of education particularly in rural areas, young democracies and oppression of minorities: these inconsistencies do occur in many countries in Asia. Especially for poor people, access to vocational training and affordable health services are still difficult. A large number of internal violent conflicts in countries like Myanmar or the Philippines as well as cross-national conflicts.

How we help


A sense of community and mutual help: Kolping’s approach of help for self-help is just right in Asia because Kolping is also present in areas where people are not doing well. Kolping stands for new perspectives, education and opportunities of participation. Kolping Asia is particularly committed to respecting women. In India, more than 85 % of the members are women. Who joins Kolping will feel the strength of the community, will develop self-esteem and is empowered to provide help for oneself and the family. In Asia, Kolping focuses on the following areas:


More often than not, vocational training opportunities are too expensive or too far away.

Kolping gives young people the opportunity of training, by enabling children to go to school on the island of Sumba in Indonesia, or by running training centres where young people can qualify for a job. A good start in life!

Small Credits

A mobile snack cart, catering, a repair service, his or her own small business – people do have many ideas for their own small business, however start-up funding is often missing. With a small loan it is possible to become self-employed – for the benefit of the whole family. Many Kolping Families are organized in saving groups and are able to grant a loan to a group member. An efficient way of providing help for self-help.

Health care

In many states in Asia and mainly in rural areas access to clean water and toilets is difficult. Many people still practise open defecation in India. A large-scale national latrine project shall help to improve the sanitation of the population. Kolping is a stakeholder in this project, builds latrines in the villages and constructs small, simple houses with toilets. In Vietnam, Kolping supports water treatment with water filters.


Associational work

Common prayers, regular meetings and pilgrimages of the Kolping Families are an important part of the associational work. The community is strengthened, the members receive information about the life of Adolph Kolping and learn that you can address and change many things through the power of community. The individual persons are also strengthened in their talents and are encouraged to stand up for their interests and the well-being of the community in Kolping, in the village community or in the regional parliament.