Ukraine emergency relief


This is how KOLPING has been helping since day one:

+++11.5.2022: Help for the people in Dnipro: Yesterday KOLPING donations arrived in Dnipro by cargo train. Foodstuff, medicines and hygiene products came from KOLPING Hildesheim and Rumania. They were previously delivered to the KOLPING headquarters in Chernivtsi. Dnipro is situated between Kiev and Kharkiv. Photos

+++ 10.5.2022: At the weekend two tons of relief goods were delivered to Uzhgorod by KOLPING Poland. Photos

+++ 6.5.2022: KOLPING supports the children’s intensive care unit in Chernivtsi: The team of doctors and nurses in the hospital in Chernivtsi is grateful for delivery of medicines and medical equipment donated by KOLPING. The respiratory bags for sick children in the intensive care unit of the children’s hospital are also urgently needed. Photos

+++ 5.5.2022: Aid transport from Romania with diesel generators, food and medicine reaches KOLPING Chernivtsi: “I am amazed myself what all fits into two minibuses,” Vasyl Savka marvels. Today he has received another aid delivery from KOLPING Romania. Corneliu Bulai and an employee drove from Oituz to the KOLPING headquarters in Czernowitz/Ukraine. Mountains of pasta and canned food are now piled up in the office of the managing director. The food is urgently needed for the social kitchen in which around 400 meals are prepared every day. Two diesel generators were delivered, procured by KOLPING Hungary. Medicines and urgently needed tourniquets for dressing wounds were also transported, as well as sturdy shoes. Photos
Some of the goods are now being reloaded and taken to Khmelnytskyi, Kharkiv and Chernihiv. VIDEO

+++ 4.5.2022: Four new diesel generators for KOLPING Ukraine: KOLPING Hungary managed to obtain four urgently needed diesel generators. Through the well-functioning KOLPING network, the generators are currently stored in Oituz/Romania and will be delivered to KOLPING in Ukraine during the next relief transport.

+++ 3.5.2022: Yesterday, another relief transport from Hildesheim reached the KOLPING headquarters in Chernivtsi, Ukraine. It was loaded with 10 tons of food, bandages and urgently needed medication, hygiene products, bedding, blankets and clothing.
Last weekend, KOLPING Managing Director Vasyl Savka gave a video report on the situation in Ukraine and the help KOLPING is providing at the conference of representatives for international partnership work in Munich. Photos

+++ 29.4.2022: Help for refugees in the Ukraine: KOLPING has up to now, distributed 70 tons of relief material and 26,000 meal portions: “So far, we have taken care of about 900 refugees in our facilities,” says Vasyl Savka, Executive Director of KOLPING in the Ukraine. “Most of them stay for a few days, some also for several weeks. More and more people are coming to the city. Here in Chernivtsi, the population has therefore grown by a third, and this is a big challenge. KOLPING helps: The KOLPING social kitchen has prepared 26,000 portions of food since the beginning of the war, and about 400 people are fed every day. In the meantime, about 70 tons of relief materials have arrived at KOLPING in the Ukraine and have been distributed. For example, to Khmelnytsky, which is situated 240 kilometers away from Chernivtsi. This is where many families have fled from the Russian attacks. Photos

+++ 25.4.2022: Laundromat for refugees opened: In Chernivtsi /Ukraine, KOLPING has set up a laundromat where the laundry of refugee families is washed and dried. Photos. The KOLPING social kitchen in Chernivtsi prepares at least 400 meals a day, which are distributed to those in need.

+++ 22.4.2022: Ukraine: Aid deliveries are immediately forwarded to those in need: Vasyl Savka, Managing Director of KOLPING Ukraine, thanks for the help: “We have distributed almost all material donations of the relief supplies during the last two weeks. We gave some of the donations to refugees in the cities where our Kolping Families are active: in Chernivtsi, Uzhgorod, Khmelnytsky, Stryy, Shargorod and Dnipro. The rest was given by partner organizations and volunteers directly to people who live in places that have suffered the most from Russian aggression: Butsha, Irpin and Chernihiv.”

+++ 19.4.2022: Slovakia: Refugees find shelter in Kolping House in Štiavnické Bane/Slovakia: Since March 8 KOLPING Slovakia has accommodated refugee families from Ukraine. At the moment 17 persons are living in the Kolping House Štiavnické Bane. KOLPING welcomed them into the community and celebrated Easter with them. On Easter Sunday, the group climbed Sitno (1008 m), the highest peak of the Štiavnica Mountains, together. “Through joint activities, we try to give each other hope and get through difficult times,” says Margita Marková, managing director of KOLPING Slovakia. Photos

+++ 17.4.2022: Poland: Help for child and adolescent refugees: In Korzkwa, KOLPING offers encounters for child and adolescent refugees where they can dance, bake or play games. This way, the children can get used to their new environment and enjoy some happy hours. Photos

+++ 16.4.2022: 1,500 drinking bottles with integrated water filters have arrived at KOLPING in Ushgorod to supply the refugees. Dirty water is purified and can be drunk immediately. The bottles could be bought at a reasonable price, they were delivered free of charge by the company to the Slovakian border, where KOLPING Slovakia received them and arranged for their further transport to Uzhgorod (Ukraine). Video

+++ 15.4.2022: Early Easter joy for 60 children in Chernivtsi: They received Easter presents from Romanian school children. The Easter surprise was handed over by KOLPING employees from Romania, who reached Ukraine yesterday with their seventh aid transport. A great joy and change for the children in Chernivtsi! The highlight was the fun they had in the schoolyard, where everyone joined in enthusiastically and the war was forgotten for a short time. Photos

+++ 14.4.2022: Normality is good: In Ivano-Frankivsk, KOLPING helps child and adolescent refugees to forget the war for a few hours. In Kolping’s own bakery, the young people can bake to their heart’s content and have fun. The local Kolping Youth organised a music evening for the young war-zone refugees. For music connects and is good for the soul. Photos 

+++ 13.4.2022: Thank you for your donations! This is how they help directly and on the spot: Vasyl Savka, Managing Director of KOLPING Ukraine, thanks the neighboring KOLPING associations for their help: “In the last two weeks, we have passed on almost all the transports that came from you to Chernivtsi and Uzhgorod. We distributed a part of the relief goods on the spot, to the refugees in Chernivtsi, Uzhgorod, Khmelnytskyj, Stryj, Shargorod and Dnipro, where our Kolping Families are active. Another part was given through partner organizations and volunteers directly to the people in the places that suffered especially from the Russian aggression: Butscha, Irpin, Chernihiv“.

+++ 12.4.2022: A look behind the scenes of the social kitchen in Chernivtsi: At least 400 meals are prepared every day in the KOLPING social kitchen in Chernivtsi and delivered to internally displaced people. Volunteers who live here as well as displaced persons work in the kitchen. Chef Vladimir Yemanov is from Kyiv and fled to Chernivtsi due to the war. His family has temporarily moved to Romania. Vladimir helps by doing what he is very good at: cooking. This video has English subtitles and gives an insight into the work of KOLPING featuring the many volunteers who provide such important survival help in the social kitchen day after day.

+++ 11.4.2022: Sewing machines and school lessons support the refugees: Last Friday, the sixth relief transport from Romania arrived at KOLPING in Czernowitz, Ukraine. The transport also contained relief supplies from KOLPING Hungary. In addition to urgently needed shoes, medication and food, sewing machines were also handed over to helpers. Photos. They give sewing workshops for the refugees, in which they sew clothes, but also, for example, first aid bags. Refugee schoolchildren from the east of the country receive lessons.

+++ 8.4.2022: 70,000 refugees in Chernivtsi: “An evacuation train with 700 people arrived in Chernivtsi yesterday. Now we have about 70,000 refugees in the city,” reports Vasyl Savka, Managing Director of KOLPING Ukraine. “The situation has improved a little bit for us here in Chernivtsi, at least the last three nights we were able to sleep at home. But in general, we now expect the situation in the east of the country to worsen. Our social kitchen continues to function and prepares 420 to 450 meals a day, today it was even 510.” Photos

+++ 6.4.2022: This is how KOLPING helps the refugees in Slovakia: At the moment five families are accommodated in the Kolping House in Štiavnické Bane, another family is accommodated by the Kolping Family Šurany. In addition to accommodation, food and clothing, people receive help from KOLPING in dealing with the authorities, integrating the children in school or kindergarten and finding a job opportunity for the adults. Soon a language course for adults will be offered. The families also receive psychological support from KOLPING.

+++ 5.4.2022: New aid transport from KOLPING Romania next Friday: urgently needed food, medicine and hygiene articles will be delivered.

+++ 1.4.2022: An aid transport from Romania has delivered the first beds and bedding. The drivers also visited workshops of volunteers who produce useful things like first aid kits every day, and a school where refugee children can learn and play under the care of Kolping members. Photos

+++ 31.3.2022: In Chernivtsi, the Kolping Family is currently supporting about 20 refugees who may stay there for a longer period of time. KOLPING Ukraine has also started to convert a school in Chernivtsi into a large refugee shelter. Because once the escape corridors should be open, many more refugees are expected there.

+++ 30.3.2022 KOLPING Romania: Website supports refugees – In Romania the association informs in Ukrainian about help with accommodation, job seeking and contact persons: Moreover, KOLPING Romania plans to acquire a bigger lorry to transport the relief supplies.

About 35,000 refugees are currently in Czernowitz, says Vasyl Savka, Executive Director of KOLPING Ukraine. KOLPING Ukraine headquarters are located here. More and more people are arriving every day. “Many of them stay here, the capacities are slowly reaching their limits,” says Savka.

+++ 29.3.2022: Another aid convoy from Romania to Ukraine: This morning, 5 vans passed the Romanian border town of Siret towards Ukraine. The relief supplies from KOLPING Hungary are also being dispatched right now. They were temporarily stored at KOLPING Romania at the end of last week. The convoy is heading to the KOLPING National Office in Chernivtsi. Photos

+++ 24.3.2022: Kolping reports the arrival of more refugees at the Kolping Hotel in Brasov. Moreover, families are expected in the Kolping House Karansebesch. This afternoon an aid delivery of three minibuses from KOLPING Hungary arrived in Oituz (Romania). The relief goods (food, mattresses, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, hygiene articles) will be stored temporarily at KOLPING and will be brought across the border to the KOLPING National Office in Czernowitz next Tuesday. The transport will be accompanied by the Kolping Youth Szeged, which has collected and packed part of the relief goods. Photos

+++ 23.3.2022: KOLPING Poland has already received 125 refugees in the Kolping House in Luborzyca. Most families are passing through. KOLPING accommodates the refugees, provides food, clothes and the necessities and helps with the onward journey. This is how donations help: Video from KOLPING in Krakow

+++ 22.03.2022: How KOLPING Poland helps people in Ukraine – “There is a great solidarity”: In Poland, people are currently providing a particularly large amount of help for Ukrainian refugees. Kolping Poland is also active and brings relief supplies from Krakow to Ukraine, most recently last weekend. Coordinator Patrycja Kwapik explains the situation in situ. To the interview (German)

+++ 18.3.2022: Two tons of relief supplies on their way to KOLPING Uschgorod: Today a car with two tons of relief supplies is travelling from KOLPING Krakow to Ukraine. The transporter is expected to arrive in Uzhgorod tomorrow. On the way back, refugees can be taken along and brought to safety.

+++ 17.03.2022: New aid transport from Romania starting tomorrow – Romanian Kolping Family integrates fled family: Tomorrow the 4th transport from Romania will start with two minibuses. Corneliu Bulai and National Praeses Istvan Gödri will be accompanied by two priests from the Republic of Moldova. “In the meantime, more and more people from Ukraine are also arriving in Romania and they are not just passing through but want to stay longer for the time being,” reports Ingrid Arvay from Romania. “Like, for example, a family with three children who are taken care of by members of the Kolping Family Gheorgheni. (Foto) They are accommodated in the Kolping House. Two of the older Ukrainian boys are already enrolled in the local soccer club. Today they are joined by a woman from Kiev.”

+++ 14.3.2022: KOLPING helps to equip refugee shelters: In Uzhgorod, two refugee centres are being equipped with the help of KOLPING. Thanks to field beds from Krakow, among other things, which KOLPING delivered last week, 350 people in total will have a place to stay.

+++ 13.3. 2022: Transport from Romania supports food distribution in Chernivtsi: The KOLPING social kitchen in Chernivtsi received cookware and food. It now provides food for 400 people every day. An aid convoy from KOLPING Romania has brought urgently needed material donations and food to the KOLPING headquarters in Chernivtsi, including pots for the social kitchen. Photos.  Managing Director Vasyl Savka reports that in Chernivtsi there is now a flight alarm every night. Families from the vicinity of Mykolaiw have found refuge in the Kolping House in Shargorod. The town is located between Odessa and Kherson in the embattled south of the country.

+++ 11.3.2022: Relief supplies from Germany, Hungary and Romania: Six KOLPING transporters from Erfurt have been on their way to Ukraine since this morning. After a stopover in Kosice (Slovakia) they will continue to Uzhgorod on Saturday. Yesterday, employees of KOLPING Romania took over the material donations from Hungary at the Romanian border in Gheorgheni. They were supported by the local Kolping Family during the reloading. Photos. Now the aid transport continues to KOLPING in Chernivtsi. Also on their way to Chernivtsi today are three minibuses of KOLPING in Oituz (Romania). Photos 

+++ 9.3.2022: More relief supplies from Rumania and Hungary: In the next two days, five KOLPING vans will leave from Oituz, Rumania, for Chernivtsi, 280 kilometers away, with urgently needed donations in kind. Another relief transport comes from KOLPING Hungary directly to the border station Siret. Photos

+++ 8.3.2022: Refugee families expected in Lithuania: KOLPING Lithuania is preparing for the arrival of the first refugees from Ukraine. “We are expecting the first women and children every day”, reports Lina Kalabitaitė, Managing Director of KOLPING Lithuania in Kaunas.  The Kolping House in Troskunai can accommodate up to 30 people.
The first refugees have already arrived at the Kolping House in Štiavnické Bane, Slovakia.

+++ 8.3.2022: Delivery of relief supplies to Chernivtsi and Uzhgorod: Today, a team from KOLPING Poland and Slovakia is starting a joint relief transport to Uzhgorod. VIDEO. A KOLPING transport from Hungary is also on its way today to the border in Georgheni and then on to Chernivtsi. Among other things, urgently needed sleeping bags, power banks and chargers, air mattresses, analgesics, wound dressings, blankets, rescue blankets and canned food are being delivered.

+++ 7.3.2022: KOLPING Poland in Krakow is a contact point for refugees: people are attended here every day, mostly families with small children. They receive a hot meal and can choose what they need from the donations in kind delivered. The staff members are currently packing the remaining donations in kind; they will be delivered to Ukraine on Tuesday.

+++ 6.3.2022: KOLPING delivers urgently needed relief supplies to the border, the danger is growing: Today the city of Vinnytsia was bombed, it is situated 280 km from Chernivtsi, the headquarters of KOLPING Ukraine. The planning and implementation of the relief transports are being carried out at full speed at KOLPING. There are many initiatives from people in Germany who are bringing donations in kind to the border. KOLPING Hungary will bring urgently needed sleeping bags, rescue blankets, medication and canned food to the border crossing in Gheorgheni at the beginning of the week.

+++ 5.3.2022: Fear of attacks and sabotage: This is the situation in the west of Ukraine: Kolping Ukraine’s Managing Director Vasyl Savka describes the current situation in an interview with

+++ 5.3.2022: Chernivtsi – 350 people are receiving a hot meal today thanks to donations from KOLPING: The relief supplies delivered yesterday from Romania (photos) are just being distributed, as Vasyl Savka reports directly from Chernivtsi. Part of the food has been given to a soup kitchen, which will prepare a hot meal for at least 350 people today and serve it free of charge. Photos. With the remaining food donations, the kitchen will be able to feed hundreds of people over the next few days. Last night there was no air raid alert in Chernivtsi and people finally had a quieter night, reports the Managing Director of KOLPING Ukraine.

+++ 4.3.2022: Your help has arrived! Appreciation video from Chernivtsi: “You are just great! You are doing so much for us!” Vasyl Savka from KOLPING in Chernivtsi/Ukraine says thank you for the first relief delivery from Romania and the great willingness to donate. TO THE VIDEO

+++ 4.3.2022: Coordination of help in the west of Ukraine: Relief deliveries from neighboring countries are coordinated by KOLPING Ukraine from the cities of Chernivtsi, Lviv and Uzhgorod, where they are distributed directly to the population.

+++ 3.3.2022: Relief transport from Krakow to Ukraine: A first transport with donations in kind from KOLPING Poland is on its way to Ukraine. The van from Krakow is loaded with warm clothes, shoes, thermal underwear, thermos flasks, medicines and blood pressure monitors. Photos

+++ 2.3.2022: Collection and transport of relief supplies and attending refugees: Kolping Families in Poland and Romania collect donations in kind and foodstuffs, which are packed by KOLPING staff members and brought to the border. Pictures from Krakow (Poland), from Gheorgheni and Timisoara (Romania) and from the Romania border crossing of Siret.

+++ 2.3.2022: Ukraine: Shelter for refugees partly already occupied: Also in Chernivtsi in the west, residents had to seek shelter in the cellars this night and already twice this morning. Here and in three other cities (Lviv/Lemberg, Uzhgorod and Shargorod) KOLPING has provided shelters for the war refugees. The places in Lviv/Lemberg and Uzhgorod are already occupied.

+++ 1.3.2022: Situation report from Chernivtsi/Ukraine: Hundreds of thousands of people are currently on the run in Ukraine. They are also receiving help from KOLPING Ukraine. Its Executive Director, Vasyl Savka, is in Chernivtsi and co-ordinates accommodation and food. Already 6,000 people have arrived in Czernowitz from the war zones.  A situation report.

+++ 1.3.2022:  Interview: “Our Kolping countries are prepared.” – KOLPING Desk Officer for Central and Eastern Europe, Gregor Federhen, reports on the refugee situation on domradio.

+++ 1.3.2022: First refugees accepted in Romania: “The first family from Ukraine arrives in Timisoara today. We are further prepared with our 130 places in the Kolping houses”, reports Eduard Dobre from KOLPING Romania. Staff member Corneliu Bulai is going to the border area of Siret today. In the meantime, the first Kolping brothers and sisters from the war zone have also arrived in Poland. The Kolping House Luborzyca has received the first group of refugees from the Kolping Family of Tarnopol, and Lvowa is expecting the next families. KOLPING Slovakia also offers accommodation in the Kolping House and with private persons.

+++ 28.2.2022: KOLPING Ukraine: Emergency camp ready: The National Association has provided accommodation for the fleeing families in Chernivtsi, Uzhgorod and Shargorod. Photos

+++ 28.2.2022: KOLPING Romania is preparing to receive refugees from Ukraine: “KOLPING Ukraine has informed us that there are mothers and children who need accommodation. We were able to identify 120 accommodation options in Kolping localities in Oituz, Ploscuțeni, Gheorgheni, Brasov, Ivo Camp, Rusca Montană, Caransebeș as well as in private houses in Ilidia and Slatina Timiș”, reports Eduard Dobre, Managing Director of KOLPING Romania. He added that means of transport would be provided in Gheorgheni, Oituz and Brasov for the reception of refugees. “Tomorrow, a staff member of Kolping will be going to the border to assess the situation. We will try to hand over relief goods on Wednesday.”

+++ 27.2.2022: KOLPING Poland has received the first refugees from Ukraine: The families with young children come from the capital Kiev and from Ternopil and Lviv, situated in the west of the country. “We are providing transport from the border, accommodation, food and all possible help and care. We are expecting the arrival of mothers with young children and people with disabilities, among others.”

+++ 26.2.2022: KOLPING associations organise relief measures: KOLPING INTERNATIONAL is in constant contact with KOLPING Ukraine and the associations of the neighbouring countries Poland, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia. KOLPING Ukraine has started to enquire about available accommodation capacities as well as communication and transport possibilities. In addition to accommodation and food supply, it is also being examined where initial medical assistance and other support services can be set up.

+++ 25.2.2022 Confusing situation after the start of war: After the Russian army attacked the first Ukrainian cities in the night, the Executive Director of KOLPING Ukraine, Vasyl Savka, says: “We don’t know whether people will also have to flee from here. We all live in a state of uncertainty and fear. If we stay, we want to offer refuge to refugees from the war regions. For this we need folding beds, water cisterns and first aid kits. We also give first aid courses to our population. Many people want to do something. For this, we need above all medical equipment. The need is already great, and we don’t know what lies ahead.”