Building active civil societies

Contribute to shaping society


To build a strong civil society so that justice can grow: This is the central aim of KOLPING INTERNATIONAL. We will not achieve long-term prosperity for everyone by improving the standard of living of individuals. For a sustainable development it is necessary to eliminate structures of poverty. The members of our Association work together worldwide to make this happen.

how to shape church and society

Adolph Kolping’s aim was to strengthen society as a whole through solidarity and civic engagement. Projects aiming at poverty eradication are therefore only a first step for KOLPING INTERNATIONAL to help disadvantaged people. We want to do more: as a strong community we want to shape Church and society so that the world becomes a more just place for everyone. We want to initiate sustainable changes together, and promote democracy.

how to receive more attention together

With this in mind, KOLPING INTERNATIONAL motivates its members to dedicate their activities to public welfare as an active civil society. Our Kolping Families offer ideal opportunities because members make the experience that they can achieve a lot together! If Kolping Families have a strong presence the government and its affiliated authorities have to deal with their requests. Moreover, our Kolping Families are places where democracy is practiced and experienced on a small scale.

education and awareness raising activities

Education and awareness-raising activities are necessary to initiate changes in societies through civic engagement. The same applies to leadership training. This is why KOLPING conducts courses on civil rights and duties, discusses about socio-political topics, and organizes joint actions. It is above all Christian values that motivate the members of our association to get active.

women as a driving force

In many Kolping Families it is especially women who are actively involved – for the well-being of their families, but also for social activities. Many times they are the driving force when it comes to visiting the sick, initiating support programs for children, or going to street protests against injustices. They are proud of their commitment. It increases their self-esteem and improves their standing within society. Thus empowered it is easier for women to fight for changes for themselves and other people.


India, for instance: In village parliaments women stand up for the rights of the poor. Irudayamary has advanced to a leading position in Kolping. She is now chairwoman of her village parliament and at the same time the voice for the poorest people in her region. More


In Columbia and Mexico, Kolping stands up for peace and reconciliation. The cohesion and community give the members hope and strength to oppose violence and corruption, and help build a solidary and peaceful world. More


KOLPING INTERNATIONAL is active in many committees: in New York it holds consultative status with the United Nations, in Strasbourg with the EU, in Geneva with the ILO (International Labour Organization), and in countless alliances with church-based and non-governmental organizations. More

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