Commitment to peaceful co-existence

Peacekeeping is a matter dear to the hearts of Kolping Families in Columbia.  They participate, amongst others, in peace walks, peace education in schools, and in seminars on the rights of victims of the civil war.  The Kolping Families should be put in a position to actively participate in building up a new civil society and to fight for solidarity, peace, and equality.
The focus is on educational work and (political) consciousness-raising regarding the conflict and the peace process.  The aim is to animate Kolping Families to actively contribute to a culture of peace in the Columbian society, e.g. by joint actions or activities with other organizations.
Kolping Columbia is working with youths especially on the topic “non-violent communication“.  Using language and behaviour as well as learned conflict resolution strategies, young people can hence contribute to a peaceful co-existence in their community and become peace ambassadors.

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