About us

A worldwide family with 400,000 members

KOLPING INTERNATIONAL is a Catholic social association which is inspired by the teachings of the priest and social reformer Adolph Kolping. Our vision is to create a just world which allows everyone to live a decent life. Since 1968 we have contributed on global level to reduce the structures of poverty – in Africa, Latin America and Asia as well as in Central and Eastern Europe.

Our organisation

Kolping is a lively and strong global family. The more than 9000 Kolping Families based in Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America are a family-like community in which children, young people and adults live together in solidarity.

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Our founder

Adolph Kolping was born more than 200 years ago. However, he already lived a very modern life. He was a self-made man and invented new forms of living and working together. As a pragmatist he untiringly solved economic problems and was intensely engaged with political and social questions.

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Our projects

KOLPING INTERNATIONAL helps people all over the world to escape poverty through their own efforts. Our projects aim for social change to overcome the structures of poverty.

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Our team

The headquarters of KOLPING INTERNATIONAL is situated in the city of Cologne not far from the Cologne Cathedral. Just in front of the Church of Minorites and the Kolping Memorial does a small team work relentlessly to spread the Association. Projects are discussed here in cooperation with the project partners. Project funds and donations are raised and transferred. Contacts go from Cologne to the whole world.

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Quality and transparency

The Association ‘Social and Development Aid of the Kolping Society, reg. assoc.‘ (SEK) commits itself to transparency regarding supporters, donors and partners and follows the voluntary self-commitment of the ’Initiative Tansparent Civil Society‘.

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Kolping Houses

Kolping Houses: There are Kolping Guest Houses or Kolping Hotels in the whole world where visitors can stay in whilst exploring country and people. The houses are always cozy and inviting and the standard is from simply to luxurious.

general view

International Convention

The International Convention is the highest decision-making body of the Association. All important issues concerning the Association shall be dealt with at the International Convention.

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International Board of Directors

The International Board of Directors is the body which meets between International Conventions to take decisions, supervise, cooperate and coordinate activities. It deliberates and decides upon all matters which do not have to be brought before the International Convention.

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Basic documents

A structure and defined guidelines are necessary to organize an international association. Here you find the by-laws, guidelines, the Kolping Song, and the Prayer of the Kolping Families, etc.

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