Organs and Bodies

As a Catholic lay association, KOLPING has a democratic and subsidiary structure worldwide. From the level of the Kolping Families to the filling of the organs and offices of the international level, decisions are made by delegates and mandate holders.

The International Convention is the highest decision-making body of KOLPING INTERNATIONAL. All important issues concerning the Association shall be dealt with at the International Convention.
The International Convention shall take place every six years. The convention consists of the members of the International Board of Directors and of delegates from the National Associations. Kolping Families without a National Association are entitled to send one delegate per country.
International Convention

The International Board of Directors is the body of KOLPING INTERNATIONAL which meets between International Conventions to take decisions, supervise, cooperate and coordinate activities. It meets every other year and deliberates and decides upon all matters which do not have to be brought before the International Convention.
International Board of Directors

The International Executive Board is the governing body of the Association. It implements the decisions of the International Convention and of the International Board of Directors.
International Executive Board

The Supervisory Board of KOLPING INTERNATIONAL Cooperation e.V. is elected by the Membership Meeting. Among other things, it monitors the resolutions taken by the Membership Meeting and controls the budget.
Supervisory Committee

KOLPING INTERNATIONAL Cooperation e.V. has an independent Ombudsperson who deals with all external and internal complaints.