October, 27

World Day of Prayer

On the occasion of Adolph Kolping’s beatification, KOLPING INTERNATIONAL celebrates the World Day of Prayer every year. It is always prepared by a different National Kolping Association. This shows the diversity and unity of spirituality in the Kolping community.

The newly elected General Praeses, Msgr. Christoph Huber, celebrated the 30th anniversary of the beatification of Adolf Kolping with a festive mass in the Minoritenkirche in Cologne.


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This year the World Day of Prayer is prepared by the National Association of India. India is one of the most expanding national economies in the world. With about 1.3 billion inhabitants, it is the most populous country in the world after China. However, this also poses huge problems for the country, especially regarding poverty reduction and deficiencies in education. In addition, the gap between rich and poor is immense, and the country lags far behind the average values for sub-Saharan Africa in many social indicators. The Indian National Kolping Association was founded in March 1981. Today, the National Kolping Association of India with its 41,000 members, organized in 3,125 Kolping Families, is the National Kolping Association with the largest number of members after Germany. Since then, Kolping has been involved in areas as broad as the country itself. The materials for the World Day of Prayer can be downloaded here or can be ordered from Elisabeth Gühmann elisabethguehmann@kolping.net, Tel. 0221-77880-12.

World Day of Prayer 2021

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