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Bolivia: New protection clothing for the Sacred Heart Hospital

During the first Corona wave in 2020, KOLPING Bolivia’s Sacred Heart Hospital was successfully converted into a COVID 19 treatment centre – saving many lives. Staff members now need new safety clothing to protect them against the next wave of infections.

When the first Corona wave spread dramatically across Bolivia in July 2020, the Kolping Clinic “Sacred Heart” in El Alto also focused on the treatment of COVID-19 patients. Intensive and further treatment units were established with the appropriate safety equipment. And with the help of the Kolping Corona Fund, virus-proof safety clothing was acquired for all five health centres of the Bolivian association in a short time. The stocks are now almost exhausted. “The numbers of cases are currently rising rapidly again,” says Juan Carlos Mattos, Executive Director of KOLPING Bolivia. “Christmas festivities and New Year’s celebrations of the population have clearly worsened the situation. Our centres are ‘full’. We therefore urgently need new professional protection clothing for our medical staff.” This may include masks, gloves, goggles, visors and virus-proof full-body suits to protect staff and patients from infection. Please, support the Kolping Health Centres in their fight against the virus. Help us make these vital purchases with your donation!

You may support the health centres in Bolivia under the keyword “PMO Sacred Heart of Jesus”.


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