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A better future thanks to small credit from Kolping

Small credits show people in Latin America, Africa and Asia a path to the future. Already small amounts help! Thanks to a credit, the small farmer from Honduras, Maria Eletis Martínes Espinoza, could buy new seeds. She now not only plants maize and beans, but also bananas.

“Kolping also welcomes common people with open arms”, Maria from Danlí says with delight. Thanks to Kolping Honduras, the small farmer was able to buy banana seedlings. Since then, she has been growing bananas together with her husband. They fertilise with their own compost, something she also learned at Kolping. The bananas are growing so well that Maria is already planning the next step: The production of banana chips. For this she wants to apply for a small credit. Maria already regularly attends the Kolping training courses for future small entrepreneurs. Step by step the family is working on its way to a better future.

Please help with your donation so that more small credits can be granted worldwide. Even a small credit of 80 euros is an opportunity that changes the lives of poor families.


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