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Tanzania: Clean water – healthy children

In Tanzania more than half of the rural population has no access to clean water. Many children fall ill due to the polluted water.

People usually fetch their water from village wells, water holes or cisterns. In Tabora, a dry region in central Tanzania, the situation is particularly bad. Here the Kolping Families told us that their children constantly suffer from stomach ache and diarrhea. When the water holes dry up at the end of the dry season, the rural inhabitants dig holes in the ground for lack of water. So they scoop dirty, salty water, which even when boiled makes them sick.

In the parish of Bongomela, KOLPING has already been able to help a Kolping Family. This cistern now supplies 18 families with clean rainwater. People told us that the quality of the water is so good that it does not even have to be boiled.

You can support the project under the keyword “PMO Water Tanzania”.


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