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Better harvests through organic farming

Drought, heavy rainfall, irregular harvest times – poverty and hunger have increased worldwide. Also in Honduras. Rufino Rodríguez from Honduras is concerned that the food security of the entire country is at risk.

The situation is already dramatic, but the population hardly receives any support from the state. “Since many farmers no longer see any prospects, they are migrating to the city or fleeing to the USA.” However, Kolping Honduras does not leave the farming families alone with their problems. The organisation offers training for its members on a regular basis and helps them to adapt their agriculture to the changing climate conditions. In a field school, agricultural experts teach farmers modern cultivation and irrigation methods. This enables them to reorganise their fields and increase their harvests. Switching to organic farming, terracing fields on slopes, using improved seeds or growing shade-providing plants are also measures that the small farmers learn from Kolping. The training courses receive a very positive response and the successes are very soon visible in the fields, reports Desk officer Mario Schenk from his last visit: ” Wherever I went, the Kolping families proudly told me that they had increased their income by 20 percent as a result of the training courses,” says Mario Schenk. The training courses are financed largely by donations.

Please help the farmers with your donation. Kolping trains farmers all over the world so that they can increase their harvests and feed their families by using their own compost, improved seeds and better cultivation methods. 60 euros help to buy high-quality seeds. 120 euros help with the organisation of training courses.

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