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Escaping poverty with a small loan

Many Kolping brothers and sisters come up with good business ideas, but often cannot implement them. There is a lack of financial resources. Often, a little start-up help is all it takes to open the way to successful self-employment!

A small loan of around 200 euros has enabled Sundra Jeeva from Chennai, India, to support her family as a tailor. “With the 5,200 rupees, I bought a sewing machine and fabrics,” Sundra reports. Thus equipped, she was able to start her own business. She had many customers just a few months later. Sundra now earns enough money to feed her family and send her children to school.

Small loans can achieve great things. They are a successful instrument in poverty reduction. Please support us with your donation so that even more committed young women and men can improve their lives on their own!

Even 80 euros help to build up a small business and secure a livelihood for the small family

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