Transparency and Control

Supervisory Committee

The Supervisory Board of KOLPING INTERNATIONAL Cooperation e.V. is constituted by the International Finance Committee of KOLPING INTERNATIONAL, which is elected by the International Board of Directors made up of international members.

The tasks of the Supervisory Committee include

  • the receipt of reports from the ombudsperson,
  • monitoring the decisions of the Membership Meeting,
  • the control of the budget,
  • the verification of the fiduciary use of donations and
  • the proposal of the auditing company to the Membership Meeting.

The Supervisory Committee receives all minutes of the Executive Board and the Membership Meeting as well as all other information requested. It reports to both bodies about its work and suggests changes if necessary.

All members of the Supervisory Committee carry out their work on an honorary basis and without remuneration.

At the International Board of Directors‘ meeting on October 28, 2023, the following persons were elected to the Finance Committee and thus to the Supervisory Board:

  • Ágnes Kaiserné Jósvai (KOLPING Hungary)
  • Antonio Silva (KOLPING Uruguay)
  • Peter Jung (KOLPING Switzerland)
  • Ted Wilke (KOLPING USA)
  • Thorsten Schulz (KOLPING Germany)
  • Markus Lange (KOLPING Germany)
  • Martin Wilde

The members of the Supervisory Committee also form the International Finance Committee of KOLPING INTERNATIONAL according to Art. 56 of the International Constitution. It reports to the International Board of Directors and the International Convention on the administration and finances of all legal entities of KOLPING INTERNATIONAL. Chairman of the International Finance Committee is Thorsten Schulz, Vice Chairman is Markus Lange.