Transparency and control


After the amendment to the by-laws in 2012 the office of the ombudsperson was created by the KOLPING INTERNATIONAL Cooperation e.V. Everybody who is interested or participates in our work  is now able to approach the working structures of KOLPING INTERNATIONAL in a protected form and make complaints about non-compliances or offences in the associational work.


The current ombudsperson of KOLPING INTERNATIONAL Cooperation e.V. is Mrs. Ruth Schmidt, who formerly worked as a lawyer.  She can be reached by phone (+49/(0)2236/942184) or by email ( Only the ombudsperson may have/has access to this address so that complaints can be made to the ombudsperson without the knowledge of the executive board or staff members.


The Membership Meeting elects an Ombudsperson for a period of three years. The Ombudsperson investigates internal complaints filed by employees, project partners and other persons who are affiliated with the Association. The Ombudsperson should have legal expertise. He or she follows up on the well-founded information and complaints and reports to the Supervisory Committee and the Executive Board about the clarification of the issue achieved. The information and complaints presented to the Ombudsperson are treated confidentially and the complaining person shall suffer no prejudice.

Foto Ruth Schmidt_K